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Interested in one of our pets -Please- come to our location.

We have owned Critters for nearly 29 years. What we do is complex and exhausting and the pets are typically the easy part.:) Each pet and person is one of a kind with unique needs that we try to accommodate. If you are Interested in one of our pets -please- come to our location bring family & visit the pet as often as you like and talk with one of us *In Person*.

*Our location*

Critters Pet Shop, Inc.
566 Randall Road
in South Elgin.
- We gladly answer questions over the phone 224-856-5780.
- We can not adopt or hold pets over the phone, internet, Facebook or messenger. 
- Pets are one of a kind and many times multiple people are interested so it is first come, first serve. Sorry you can not phone in a hold.
- We can not temporarily hold pets and turn away other loving families.
- The adoption and all of the paperwork must be discussed "in person" with the adopting person. 
- Our pets are our responsibility so their needs come first. We reserve the right choose/refuse an adoption.
- We understand people are used to buying online but certain things like pet ownership must be done "in person"....the old fashion way.

-- Thanks for understanding 

Open 7 days - Call 224-856-5780



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