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Our goal is to be a different kind of pet store, one that supports community and pets.  To be socially responsible and offer rescue pets of ALL species as much as possible.  Our hope is that you will spread the word by telling your friends about our unique pro-rescue pet store.  Support us and our rescue efforts by shopping at our store for your pet supplies and food.


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Please call 224-856-5780 or 630-584-0200 for more details.

Please note:   We are a pet store that offers rescued pets based on availability because we want to help.   Our fees vary depending on species, age, breed, and veterinary cost.

~ Scroll down to see some of the 100's of pets we have rescued and were ADOPTED at Critters~

ADOPTED - "Snowball" the Bichon. 
He's a good looking 12 year old neutered male. He's a sweet boy and is feeling so much better after his recent dental. Snowball is a good boy ! He is neutered and just had a thorough dental. He was rescued after owner went into assisted living. The owners were in their 80s. We have his veterinary records and he is up to date on his shots, micro-chipped and HW tested and has had their rabies shots too. He is a super nice little dog that does not shed.  
Stop and meet him and consider adoption.


Image may contain: dog ADOPTED- "Stanley" the Maltese is a doll.

Stop and meet this little guy. He weights just a little over 8 pounds and is non-shedding. He is neutered and just had a thorough dental. He was rescued after owner went into assisted living. The owners were in their 80s. We have his veterinary records and he is up to date on his shots, micro-chipped and HW tested and has had their rabies shots too. He is a super nice little dog that does not shed.   He loves people and is super gentle.
Image may contain: dog Adopted - "Terry" the Bichon is a handsome guy. He is non-shedding and very gentle. He goes outside nicely for us and is an all around good natured dog. He is neutered and just had a thorough dental. He was rescued after owner went into assisted living. The owners were in their 80s. We have his veterinary records and he is up to date on his shots, micro-chipped and HW tested and has had their rabies shots too. He is a super nice little dog that does not shed.  

Adopted - "Blossom"

She is a pure bred Poodle. Her papers show that she actually won champion in a dog show when she was a young girl. She is 8 but she has a lot of play left in her. She is a very quiet, friendly dog and good with other friendly dogs and people too....actually, she seems to like everyone so far. She lived with an older couple who had other dogs and she also went to dog shows so she is used to people.  Poodles are no shed breed so would be a great choice for someone with allergies or dislikes dog hair.  

Stop by and meet her.  She is a very cute small dog - available for adoption. 

Adopted -"Stanley"
He and his siblings were rescued from a very high kill shelter in Kentucky. Sweet pups were found lost and alone and they are only a few months old. He now has his initial vaccines and deworming and is vet checked, neutered and micro-chipped too. He would love a family to call his own. Stop by and meet him. He is a super social friendly pup. I have worked with him a bit and he seems very trainable. He sits for treats :) While we are not certain of his breed, his litter looked to be part Cattle Dog and will most likely be medium sized. Estimated Birth date is mid May.

Adopted - Meet "Chubby"

He is a 5 yr old Shihtzu. Super cute and friendly. He is already fixed, chipped, vaccinated and just had his rabies shot too. Little guy is all ready for adoption. Stop by and meet him.


  Adopted - Say hi to Ginny!

She is an adorable little terrier mix pup we rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter. Her estimated age is 4-5 months. We just got her vetted. She is spayed, chipped and vaccinated. She is a lively puppy and will need training but she is so friendly and happy go lucky. We are not sure of her breed as she is a rescue but she is so soft and pretty. She really reminds us of some of the Wheaten Terrier pups we have seen over the years.
"Windy", "Captain Hook" and "Tinkerbell". Carmel" & "Taffy" - females Tess Smokey  Tuxedo kittens

Adopted- Rottweiler Mix Pups.

These pups were rescued from Texas They had their initial vet exam down there before being driven up here by a rescuer. When they got here we had them all spayed & neutered, micro-chipped and vetted. They may be mixed with German Shepherd dog. We beleive they they will be large dogs

Adopted- Litter of cute mix pups rescued from a Kentucky shelter.  

These puppies were part of a spay-it-forward litter.  This means that Critters shared in the cost of having the mother dog spayed. These are very sweet puppies that are well socialized loving little babies.  They are already fixed, micro-chipped and vetted.  There is quite a variation in size and color which is funny.  

They are adorable!


Adopted - Andy ~ 6 months old.  

He came to Critters a few months ago from a rural Kentucky shelter and is very shy. We believe this pup was never socialized with people but he loves other friendly dogs a lot!  It has taken us some time to get him to come out of his shell but we have had some breakthroughs recently. He has taken a liking to several staff members. We are able to get him to walk around the store on a lead. He now does the play bow and initiates play with some of us too. He still needs socialization but he is a gentle, cute, young dog. We believe he will be a very loyal dog to the people he bonds to. He will need the right home with a kind gentle person who knows dogs. Andy looks shepherd/beagle mix. We had him neutered, chipped, HW tested and vaccinated. Lets find a dog person for our friend Andy.


"Fefe"-  1 1/2 year old female chinchilla.  

She comes with her absolutely beautiful castle of a cage. She's just adorable and pretty friendly too.  Chinchillas are really cute little pets and they are quite low odor.  Stop and meet her and consider adoption


< This is "Spyro" a male ferret.

He is approx 7 months old and neutered & descented.



These two ferrets are available for adoption with their cage.


< Say hello to "Spartacus".

He is a 7 month old male Ferret. He is already neutered and descented. Very playful little guy.



Since they are friends we would like to keep them together.


"Izzy" pondering life.

She came to rescue after her 70 year old owner went into a nursing facility. She is approx 3 years old. Spayed and vaccinated. She is available for adoption here at Critters. She would do best in a quiet home with no kids or dogs. Someplace where she can lounge on her pillow and be the queen of the house 
"Hugh" the Siamese mix was rescued from a shelter. He is approx 3 years old and very beautiful, already neutered and vaccinated. He is ready for adoption. We feel he would be happiest in a dog-less home. He is a really handsome cat. He is quite large and has a very dignified air about him.  He is a cat lovers cat
ADOPTED- Say hi to Oreo the 9 month old kitty. 

This kitty was very loved by a local Lady. Sadly, her owner recently contacted us because she was diagnosed with advanced cancer a few months ago. She is getting pretty specialized treatment and her doctors do not want her to have exposure to animals. She felt it was best to re home Oreo so she can have a happy life with another family. This kitty is quite a character, she sent us videos of her playing fetch and retrieving the toy. Stop and meet her and consider adoption. She was very loved. She is very petite little kitty looking for a loving home.

Adopted- "Rosie"  the Rat Terrier mix.

Rescued from Kentucky this little girl is approximately two months old and a very lively puppy.  She is already spayed, micro-chipped and has had her initial vetting done.  She is a wonderful playful dog, full of life. She would do best with an active family who has a fenced in yard and wants an active dog.  She is a terrier so she will chase cats and other small pets if allowed.  Rat terriers are known to be extremely smart and can be trained to dog tricks.  We love their lust for life. 

Adopted- Stop by and meet these sweet hearts.

Super cute group of female Cur/Boxer mixes rescued from a shelter. They are a little over 2 months old. They are really good looking pups. Four are a pretty brown brindle and one of the sisters is white and brown.

Adopted - Say Hi to "Molly". 
She is a beautiful 44 lb Boykin Spaniel mix.

She is already spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Only 2-1/2 yrs old and super friendly! She loves going for walks and is high energy but these breeds of dog calm down nicely. She knows sit and really tries to please. I would recommend some basic obedience training but overall she is very sweet. This is a very beautiful dog; she looks like a black Golden retriever. She came to our rescue program because her family was expecting a baby. Molly is gorgeous, friendly, and affectionate. We had her vet checked she looks quite healthy too. She is a pretty awesome dog and available for adoption. 

ADOPTED- We have 2 neutered male Treeing Walker Coonhound pups that just arrived. These pups are super cool looking and friendly. They grew up in foster home with cats.  This breed is typically very prey driven so have to grow up with cats or they will chase them. Luckily, these were fostered with cats.  Also, since they are scent hounds they should always be leashed or fenced. 

They will be big dogs, appox 50-70 lbs as adults

All adopted- Austrailian Shepherd mixes.

We rescued this beautiful litter of pups from an Arkansas shelter. They were left at the shelter at 5 weeks old. Critters arranged rescue. The entire litter went to a loving foster home until they were 8 weeks of age where they were socialized and had a great start on potty training. 

Available at Critters. Call 224-856-5780 or 630-584-0200.

Adopted- My name is "Smokey".

I was rescued from a shelter in Southern illinois and came to Critters in hopes of meeting a nice family to love me.  I am only 2 months old and very sweet.  I have had my inital vetting and i am microchipped.  

Stop by and meet me and consider adoption. 

Adopted- "Weasley" was rescued from a Southern Illinois Shelter. 

He is approx 2 years old and already neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Plus he is vet checked and tested too. He is a wonderful friendly cat who came to Critters to meet a family who will love him.  

Ask us about adoption 


ADOPTED - Meet “Houston”.  He is under 1 year old and a Chocolate Red Toy Poodle. 

His owner could not keep him anymore. They had another male Poodle that was in the home first and the top dog.  The older dog was being aggressive toward Houston and would not accept him. They were concerned and did not want him being bullied.  Houston is shy and a very gentle submissive dog.   He likes people, loves other dogs and tries to initiate play with them.  He walks really well on the leash and loves to cuddle. 

Adopted- "Snowflake" & "Klaus" two 4 year old Chinchillas

These two are buddies and are very friendly and used to handling. Chinchillas are one of our favorite pets. These unusual critters originate from South Amerca and can live over 20 years!  They are so adorable, low odor and incredibly soft. Stop by and consider adopting a cute furry friend today.


Adopted - Meet "Korn".  He is a neutered male 6 month old kitten.  

He is vet checked, vaccinated and tested.  This little guy was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter after he was found wandering the street with a can of corn stuck to his head !  It turns out he was super friendly and all he wanted to do is cuddle and purr.  He is a good natured cat and quickly flips over for belly rubs when we pet him.  Stop by and meet him and consider adoption.


Adopted-  J.C  is a very sweet domesitic mix kitten. 

He is is only 6 months old and already neutered and ready to go.  He is incredibly soft and super friendly.  He loves to play with toys or cuddle inside your coat.  This little guy was rescued from Southern Illinois and was in a foster home for a few months.  During that time he had a nice taste of family life so he is very well socialized.

He is a sweetie and will make a wonderful pet for any family.   

Adopted - "Romeo" is an 8 year old beautiful big boy.  He is already neutered and vaccinated and has been vet checked.  He has a wonderful temperament.  He is a very calm cat and does not react to meeting other cats or dogs and he seems to like all people that he has met here.  Romeo lived in a household with another cat.  His owner surrendered him to rescue because they were going on an extended vacation and did not want to board him.  We rescued him from a Southern Illinois shelter.  He is stunning and very large.  Stop by and meet him and consider adoption because it truely is saving a life.  He is a wonderful dignified feline and will make a wonderful pet!

Adopted- My name is “Hossa” - 2 years - neutered Male. Purebred Havanese.

Havanese are very low shed and great dogs for people prone to allergies. He will need regular grooming. Hossa is a great little dog and loves people and kids. We are told he came to rescue because his family decided they did not want him anymore because their little 7 year daughter preferred her new cat. He is a good natured little guy so we will find him a proper home where he can be happy and loved. He is a very well behaved dog and has been very calm and quiet. After he came to us, we had him neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and groomed.

He is is a wonderful dog and available for adoption at Critters Pet Shop.

Meet "Sophia" the Dutch Rabbit.

She is very sweet. One of her family members developed an allergy to her so porr Sophia was stuck in the garage.  Her owner loved her but poor bunny had to go.  So she came to Critters.  We had one of these as our personal pet for years and they are awesome bunnies!

Stop by and meet her and consider adoption.

  Adopted- Say Hi to "Fonzie" the terrier mix.  We rescued him from a Southern Illinois shelter. They had him listed as a Cairn terrier but he is larger. Closer in size to a Wheaten Terrier. He is about knee high.  We love him.  He gives paw and really loves people.  He has been super with potty training and has been going outside reliably. He had an excellent vet visit.  Our vet loved him and believes he is under 1 year since his teeth are spotless white. We had him neutered, chipped and vaccinated. He had his rabies vaccine and HW test too. He's really cute and available for adoption right here at Critters.
    Adopted- Meet "Tink". She is a sweet little 1 year old Terrier mix. She came to us from a rescue in Georgia. Tink is a sweet heart and loves people, especially well behaved kids. Our goal is to find her an awesome family that will spoil her and love her....a lot!. She was in a foster home and has been great with the other dogs there. She is playful and loves people. Tink is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and HW tested. She would be a great family dog.  She is available for adoption at Critters Pet Shop.
  Adopted- "Eli" is a handsome neutered male kitty available for adoption right here at Critters. He is very large and has a big beautiful fluffy tail. Eli was rescued by a local vet clinic after he was found wandering around a horse farm wearing a pink dress! Needless to say, he stood out. The folks at the clinic loved him and made sure he was neutered, chipped, vaccinated and tested. Stop by Critters Pet Shop and meet him and fall in love.
  Adopted- "Lobo" - We rescued this beautiful boy from a shelter.  He carries himself with such confidence, he knows who he is. He is crate trained and goes potty outside nicely. He's smart and he's got spunk. We believe he is best suited for a childless home. He has made good friends with all our staff. We are not sure what breed he is but he is the size of a Miniature Pincher and his markings are very pretty. Lobo is vet checked, already neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. He's available for adoption.

 Adopted- "Pepe" -  Chihuahua / Papillon -  neutered male.

He is such a sweet little guy that loves all people.  He was rescued out of a shelter.  He is vet checked, vaccinated, chipped and neutered too!  He loves going outside for walks and bonds well with people.  He gets so excited when he sees people that he runs in circles. He is a young dog and has lots of fun energy.  The vets estimated his age under 1 year.  He is a joy, very gentle and fun.  He found a wonderful home with a lady who volunteers helping rescue pets.  He is very loved.

Adopted- This is Beautiful BELLE

She was left at a vet clinic along with her two kittens. Both of her kittens were adopted very quickly. She is only 2 years old. She is now spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. She is very friendly and has the most interesting white tuft on the end of her tail...looks really cool when she flicks it. She is very long and large, really quite beautiful

Adopted- Say Hi to "Bud" The chihuahua / Italian Greyhound mix. 

He has very long legs so we think maybe he has some Italian Greyhound in him. He is very gentle, just love his adorable sincere eyes. He was rescued from a shelter and is available for adoption. He is already neutered and only 7 months old.  He is very gentle, small dog and likes cuddling. He is very quiet and seems ok with cats.

Very cute little dog.


Adopted- “TESLA”

Super sweet, young, perfectly marked Female tuxedo cat. Her previous owners dumped her (unaltered) at a farm. Tesla is NOT a barn cat. She loves being inside and knows what a warm bed is. She is beautiful and sooo sweet. She seeks out affection. Born fall 2014. She is now spayed, vaccinated and ready for adoption!


Adopted- We named this little girl "Maxine".

We rescued her from a Southern Illinois shelter to give her a chance for a home. "Maxine" is around 13 lbs. She is compact in sized but sturdy, perhaps a Beagle / Rat Terrier mix. The vets estimated that she is about 1 year old so we believe she has reached her full size. We had her spayed, vaccinated and chipped. This is a very sweet dog and she deserves a chance for happiness. We believe she will make a very nice family dog. She appears to love kids.

  Adpted- "Astro" the Cava-chon is only 16 months old, spayed female. She was owned by a Medical Doctor and his wife. Sadly, the wife was diagnosed with cancer so they are dealing with the stress of that and felt they did not have time to properly care for her. Astro was used to having the run of a big fenced back yard. She is trimmed rather short before we got her but we are sure her fur will grow back fluffy. She is very sweet and likes other dogs and people of all sizes. She had no problem driving in the car several hours. She is a little timid when she arrived here but she is extremely gentle and sweet. She is a very nice young dog!

Adopted- This is "Frank".  

As you can see he's quite the character. Super friendly, this little guy was rescued out of a high kill area in Kentucky. He's a super social small lab mix puppy. Come meet him. He is already neutered and ready for adoption right here are Critters.

Adopted- Stop by and meet "Alma".

She is a really pretty boxer mix. Love her black muzzle and pretty eye liner. She is already spayed and ready for adoption. She was rescued from a high kill shelter. She is thin and tall and athletic. But cuddly and sweet too, lets us carry her around like a baby

Adopted - "Norm" is a 6 mo old Lab/Beagle mix

He was rescued from an Arkansas high kill shelter. He is an energetic playful pup.  He's is pretty well potty trained and he knows sit too.  Already Neutered and available for adoption.

Adopted - Meet "Anna Mae" the 3 month old Labrador Retriever.

She is a Kentucky girl. Rescued from a high kill shelter down there. She is a very beautiful gentle dog.  She came to us wearing bright pink nail polish so we are assuming she may have briefly been a young girl's pet.  She is very well mannered., nice looking.

Adopted- "Bella" is a Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot (aka parakeet).  

She just turned 1 year old this March.  She is vet checked and sexed. This is a very tame bird.  She comes with an extra large cage on wheels with a play top and toys.  Bella was raised in a home. She is finger trained and just starting to show signs of wanting to mimic sounds and talk. In the short time she was her she learned "How you doing?" because we say this alot. She is very beautiful and craves human attention.  These birds are known as exceptional talkers.  She is very sweet and will make a wonderful pet.  We would like her to go together with the large cage she is used to, since it is the home she was raised in.  Birds like Bella are very intellIgent, social creatures that can live up to 30 years. 

Adopted- Say hi to "Cassy". She is a lively little girl. Her mom was a Border Collie and we believe dad was a small black lab. She is smaller then your typical lab. She and her sister Heart were rescued from a Missouri Shelter . Cassy is already spayed and ready for adoption Adopted- This is beautiful "Heart". He has pretty Border Collie markings. He is high energy and super smart!  He is a go-getter. Because he is a young pup, he will need some structured training but he has so much potential. Get this boy a Frisbee and let the fun begin! Already neutered and vaccinated. He is ready for adoption!
Adopted "Bambi" & "Dumbo" are beautiful 3 month old Lionhead/Harvard mixes. These brothers were the result of a surprise pregnancy and are now here available for adoption. They were born January 14th. The family who had them loved them very much adn handled them as they grew up. Because of this they are very friendly. Ask about adopting. Adopted- "Bunson" the 9 month old Mini Rex rabbit. He is beautiful with a coat like velvet and funny little kinky whiskers. He is an indoor rabbit and uses a litter box. Bunson's owner developed some pretty bad allergies and could not keep him anymore. He was really well cared for. This sweet guy is at Critters looking for a new family.

Adopted- This is "Cupcake" the Mini Lop mix bunny.

She is 3 years old and her owner couldn't care for her anymore. She is really cute and very tame. She is easy going and lets us pick her up and handle her. Her fur is beautiful and very soft with longer tufts on her head which make her extra cute. She may have some Lionhead breed in her.  Stop by and meet her and all of our bunny friends. She is very gentle and would make a wonderful pet!

ADOPTED - "Bear" 3 year old neutered male Terrier mix. He was originally rescued out of a local shelter.  His family left him there with his blanket and toys. Sadly, they had lost their housing. He is a very cute little guy. He is vet checked, neutered and vaccinated. He loves walks and barks when he needs to go out so he is quite well potty trained. We believe he is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix. He is available for adoption here at Critters. He would be a great companion for a couple or a family with gentle, well behaved older kids.  

Stop by and meet him.  

Adopted- "Yeti" is a sweet puppy.  She is only 3 months old and quite large. Mom was a full blood Australian Shepherd. We think the Dad was a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. This pup was part of an unplanned pregnancy. The family had kids and lived on a horse farm so this puppy was well socialized. The folks at our vet clinic named her "YETI"!  She is super sweet with big paws. She is very needy and wants to be a giant lap dog.  We would like her to find a home with a large yard and people who have time to train her and give her the attention she needs. 

Adopted- Say hello to handsome "Smokey".

He is a beautiful 2 yr old neutered male cat with Oriental qualities. He is long & lean with a narrow face. Smokey was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter. He was an indoor cat and is super friendly. The photo on the right shows just how long and lean Smokey is. He is easily 3 foot long. He is one beautiful feline! 

Adopted- Meet "Channing" the love bug! 

Honesty, he is one of the most affectionate cats we have ever met. All he is wants to do is be around people and be pet and follows us like a dog. He is REALLY friendly. This big boy is already neutered and 3 years old. He was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter.
Adopted- Adorable ~ Border Collie /Black Lab pups 

These babies were an unplanned pregnancy rescued from Missouri. We helped them so they would have a chance to find loving homes. We had these pups spayed and neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped too. Super cute and sweet!

Stop by and visit today.  Available for adoption.

Adopted- Meet Kiki the cat.

He owner loved her but lost her housing and the new housing does not allow pets. This happens and it is sad for all. Our goal is to find Kiki a new home. She is friendly and already spayed. We updated her vaccines and she is now micro-chipped too. She looks like she is wearing a tuxedo,  very cute! 

ADOPTED- Super Cute.  "Patti" the Pomeranian! She is around 6 years old. She looks like a little fox. She is available for adoption. She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. All the pets are here at the store so they can meet families.

We encourage interested people to visit the pets at Critters, 566 Randall Road in South Elgin.  Call 630-584-0200 for more information.

ADOPTED - Say Hi to "Wilma" the 6 yr old Scottish Terrier. She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated and is available for adoption. We don't see them very often. She is a really cool looking dog! She has a deformed rear foot since birth but she gets around fine using 3 and a 3/4 legs. Just love her!! ADOPTED- This is little "Chiquita" the Chihuahua. She is 6 and very petite. She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. People are welcome to meet her. She is available for adoption. Such a cute little girl. Love her kind eyes.
Rescued 3/20/14. These little Mini Rex mix RABBITS were found abandon. They were left in a box outside of a store in Round Lake Beach. A vet checked them out and they are healthy and look to be from the same litter. The vet estimated they are young, only a few months old. All of them are very tame. Stop by and meet them. They are available for adoption.
Adopted- My name is "Bailey Boy".  I turned 8 years old on Mother’s Day. I am a very nice BIG domestic longhair cat and i like people. I grew up in a very busy, happy home with a loving Mom & Dad plus 3 fun boys and a little girl too. They had several dogs, 3 other cats and me. So, I am used to being carried around and enjoy just following my people around and being near them. Recently, the father of my family died of cancer so life has changed a bit for my family. So I came to Critters to find a new home. I am a good cat and would love to be adopted by a family. I am neutered, and declawed and have had my yearly booster shot. Stop by and meet me. I am a big cuddly bear!

Adopted - “Deuce” is a neutered Male Chihuahua/ Yorkie mix, also known as a “Chorkie”.

He definitely has more of the Yorkie looks. He was born 11/1/13. He originally came from Critters. He has his yearly booster and is micro-chipped. The woman who owned Deuce loved him but she is suddenly working way too much. So she felt he would be happier with a family that was home more so he could play and interact with people. He is a very friendly, gentle, happy-go-lucky little guy. His owner said he was always well behaved and potty trained. He is a quiet little fellow and he doesn't mind being crated. He likes going for walks and seems eager to please people. Honestly, he is just a doll. If your are interested stop by and meet him because we believe he will go quickly.

  Adopted -  Sophie

She's a very gentle senior smile emoticon and a calm happy well-adjusted dog. Not too big ~ not to small...she is just right. She is very gentle with people. She loves to play with other dogs, she's a good jumper. She is part Jack Russell so she likes to chase cats!  She would be the perfect pet for someone who wants a companion but doesn't want to deal with the puppy stage. We would love to see her go to someone who is home much of the day. Stop by and meet her. She is available for adoption.

Adopted- "Rocky" has a great personality. He is a 9 month old neutered male kitty. Very friendly and so calm. He has beautiful gold eyes. Such a handsome boy!  Available for adoption.

Say hi to "Peach"! She is a sweet spayed female kitty. She was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter and shared a foster home with her buddy Pumpkin. She is only 9 months old, very cute and well socialized. "Pumpkin" is a super sweet 10 month old neutered male kitty. He was rescued from a Southern Illinois Shelter. Most of his time has been spent with a loving foster family so he is a very social dude "Bonnie" is a beautiful 1 yr old spayed female kitty. She was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter. She spent most of her time with a loving foster home. She is very friendly "Sassy" is an awesome 2 year old long haired Calico. She is spayed and vetted. Her eyes are bright gold. She is just beautiful! She was rescued from a Southern illinois shelter. Available for adoption "Snowball" is a 1-1/2 year old spayed female available for adoption here at Critters. Her family couldn't keep her anymore because of financial hardship. Stop by and meet her. Really pretty cat!

All Adopted- Heeler/ Beagle /Lab mixes.

These little rescue pups were saved from a shelter in Arkansas. They are all ready to find homes. They are vet checked, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped. They are available for adoption. (We named them in honor of some favorite Saturday night live cast members) They are a lively bunch.  Stop by and meet them and fall in love.  

 <- Click image to enlarge.

  ADOPTED - "Mikey" a Schnauzer/Dachshund mix was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter. His family gave him up the day after Christmas. He is super friendly and just loves everyone! We held onto him a bit to put some weight on the little dude. He is looking good. We had him neutered, chipped and vaccinated so much of his vet work is done. Bring your family and meet this sweetie. He is a good natured little dog that craves attention. Our vets believe he is around 1-2 years old. He is low shed and good with the other pets here. We think he would be a great family dog. Stop by and meet him and consider adopting.  
ADOPTED- Beautiful "Blue Bell". This is a great looking kitty and very playful. She's a Sept 2014 baby so she is only a few months old. Already spayed, she is available for adoption. This sweetie was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter and lived in a temporary foster home. They loved her very much and her friendly personality shows this. Come meet her and consider adopting.  
    ADOPTED- "Tabitha" is a female Cairn Terrier mix rescued from a local shelter. Estimated age is 1-2 yrs old. She may have some Doxie in her cause she is a low rider. Her coat is pretty low maintenance with nice wavy wiry hair. Overall, she is quiet and calm. Loves her walks and goes potty outside.  She get along with other dogs, she is very loving and super smart too.  She is spayed and available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop, Inc.

ADOPTED - "Sassy" the Siamese mix

Beautiful 2 year old female Siamese mix cat. Her elderly female owner had a stroke and won't be coming home soon so our goal is to find her a new home where she can be loved. Sassy is spayed, vaccinated and chipped. She is available for adoption here at Critters Pet Shop.

ADOPTED- "Tinsel and Peanut" - Feist (Rat Terrier) mixes.  

These two are sisters.  They are affectionate dogs and would make excellent companion for those who would enjoy an energetic dog.  These girls are only a few months old and should stay under 25 lbs. These are great little family dogs, considered to be hardy, very intelligent, alert and outgoing with a steady temperament.  Both pups are spayed, have initial vaccinations and are micro-chipped. 

 Breed info:

ADOPTED "Simba" is a beautiful male kitty rescued out of a shelter with his mommy, Tori. He spent quite a few weeks in a loving foster home so he is very friendly and well socialized. This little guy is only a few months old. He is already neutered and chipped and his initial vaccines are started. He would make a wonderful pet for any family. He has really interesting tufts in his ears and white paws that make him look very different. Very cute little baby. ADOPTED- "Tori" was rescued out of a local shelter along with her baby, Simba. She is already spayed, vaccinated and chipped. She was just adopted - 1/23/15 She found a very nice family who were just thrilled to have a pretty cat like her.
Adopted- "Cliff" the Sulcata tortoise is here at Critters looking for a home. Stop by and meet him. He is most interesting. His owner moved and could not keep him. Cliff is 6 yrs old. This guy will need some space but we know plenty of people in this area with nice big sun rooms. Cliff is quiet and not difficult to care for as long as you meet his specified needs.

Adopted - Beautiful 1 yr old female French Bull Dog with papers.  

Nina is a very nice dog and well socialized. She loves other dogs and is very outgoing.  She is gentle and loves being pet by well behaved children. She is a good looking frenchie and has her AKC papers.  


Adopted - "Allie" is a 5 year old domestic short-hair kitty. She was rescued out of a shelter. Already vetted, spayed and vaccinated she is ready to be adopted. She gets along well with pets and people. Allie was in a foster home for a few weeks and got along well with all their dogs. She is available for adoption right here at our store. Adopted - "Patches" is an adorable 2 year old domestic short-hair calico cat. She is already spayed & vaccinated. She was a well cared for house pet. Her owner could no longer care for her.  She found a wonderful home.

Adopted- “Peek”-  Poodle mix - Estimated age is 2 years old.

Rescued from Chicago Animal Control.  He is all groomed and ready for the Holidays!  He is such a great dog!  He loves to go outside for walks and is well crate trained.  He is low to non-shedding.  The shelter staff called him a Poodle mix. His hair texture is definately poodle but his body shape look Westie or Cairn terrier.  Peek has been vet checked and is neutered.

FIEST mixes.  Born: 8/29/14 -- We have 6 of these little cuties! 2 are black and 4 are cream color...all girls. These are rescued out of Kentucky. Fiests are a very hardy small working dog, pretty popular in the south. They are a recognized breed by the United Kennel Club. Their estimated sized is less than 25 lbs. Some of these may be smaller. The breed is considered to be hardy, very intelligent, alert and outgoing with a steady temperament. Should be nice for an active family. 


ADOPTED - Male - Shih Tzu mix 

He is very beautiful and young.  Our vets believe he is only between 1-2 years old.  He is super playful and would make and excellent family pet.  Rescued out of Chicago Animal Control.  Available for adoption

ADOPTED - Female - Shih Tzu mix

This gorgeous little dog was rescued from Chicago Animal Control which is a very high kill facility.  She is only 1-2 years old this is a super cute dog and very young. She has a beautiful hair coat!  Full of energy and a nice temperament she will make a wonderful addition to any family.  Call 630-584-0200 for more info.

ADOPTED - "Matilda" -  Female - Fox terrier / Shiba Inu mix

Matilda is a super sweet little dog.  We rescued her out of a high kill shelter in Chicago just in the nick of time, she had one day left.  Sadly, her family left her at a high kill shelter because their housing no longer allowed dogs.  Poor girl is only 3 years old and is very loving.   Ask about adoption.  

ADOPTED - "Benji"- Male Beagle/ Terrier mix  

Rescued out of Chicago Animal control. Our vet estimates he is quite young, between 1-2 years old, maybe even younger.  He is a very interesting looking guy and quite friendly.  Benji is available for adoption

Adopted- "Belbina" - is a very tiny 5 year old Chihuahua.

This little girl is up todate on vaccines and spayed.  She loves to cuddle and enjoys having a teddy bear to snuggle. She is a very gentle little dog.  Stop by and meet her and other sweet pets that are available for adoption her at our store. 

Adopted - "Spot" is a very handsome 2 year old male Lion head bunny.

He is a very gentle rabbit and very cute.  We really love his funny little white Spot on his nose that wiggles non-stop.   Stop by and check him out.  Available for adoption

ADOPTED - "Queen Anne’s Lace" - is a Blue and Tan Yorkshire Terrier.  She is  a very nice dog. She even comes with her purebred papers. She is not super tiny and delicate like some Yorkies, which makes her a nice family dog. She is shy so she needs gentleness but she loosens up and is very friendly.  She would love to have a home and family for the holidays.

  Adopted - "Ruthie" is an adorable 3 1/2 yr old female Jack Russell Terrier. This little girl has quite a story. Originally she was rescued out of Chicago Animal Control and we helped find her a wonderful home with a family who had horse property in Barrington. Ruthie actually attended horse shows regularly and was living the dream for a Jack Russell. Sadly her owner has been re-diagnosed with cancer and is going out of state for treatment. She says Ruthie is a wonderful dog but she had to give her up. Now, in our area there are lots of people with horse property. Jacks just love that kind of thing! So let's share her photo and find her a match. She is quite calm and well behaved. She likes older kids and gets along with the dogs and horses. 
Her hobbies include car rides, horse shows, cuddling, eating cookies & chasing cats.


ADOPTED -  This is "Magnum" a pure bred English Bulldog with AKC papers. He will be 1 year old Oct 30th. His family had to give him up because of landlord issues. Magnum was well cared for, neutered and we have all his veterinary papers. They used our veterinarian - Dr. Adam, who is considered a bulldog expert. Magnum is a big boy and very playful.They said he is well crate trained and liked to play with other dogs. He loved the kids in the family! He is very friendly! Available for adoption right here at Critters. Stop by and meet this extraordinary dog! I have to say....he is pretty cool!

Adopted- Meet VERA.

She is so elegant. I believe she is part Angora. She is gorgeous and very gentle. We rescued Vera from an animal shelter after she was found homeless. She is declawed and white so it's surprising a coyote did not get her. You know, our small white fluffy house pets are easy prey! A declawed cat is very vulnerable. That is one of the many reasons Vera must be kept indoors. This pretty kitty is tested Felv/FIV negative and vaccinated. Our vet believes she is spayed too. Her age is estimated as 4 yrs. She will go fast.

 Adopted"Jerry" the poodle is waiting for his furr-ever home!

He was rescued out of high kill shelter in Chicago. He has been a very good boy here at the store and is socializing well with the many people he meets. We feel he would be a great family dog with older kids that are well behaved. He is super playful still and will need some training. His age is estimated at 2 and he looks like a purebred poodle. This guy is super friendly, young and happy-go-lucky. We had him neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Poodles are super smart and a great pet for people who want a low to no shed breed.  

  Meet "Curly". He is sharp as a tack. He is a Pointer/ Cattle Dog Mix with the energy level of a hunting dog and the brains of a working dog. We want to match him to the right human. So if you are into dog obedience and want a dog who has energy and brains....come meet this dog. Now, he is not for everyone. Right now this dog needs structure. He is 11 months old and he is too strong willed for little kids. Hunting dogs settle down and mellow after 2 years of age. If you know dogs and enjoy training them he will impress you. Come talk to us. This rescued boy wants a happy home

Adopted - "Carmen" is a Chihuahua/ Terrier mix rescued 9/19/14.  She apporx 6 years old.  Only 11 lbs.  She is just a lover. She will be available after she gets spayed on October 7th.

Adopted- "Alex" is a very affectionate small mix Breed.   This little dog is adorable loves snuggling.  He was rescued out of a kill shelter.  We had him neutered so he is ready to meet a family so he can start his new life.   

Adopted- We have 2 little miniature dachshund available for adoption. These are very sweet. Male and female, both of them are fully vetted. 6 and 8 years old. Our vet says they look great! These dogs were rescued out of a high kill shelter. Sadly, they lost their owner due to Altzeimer's disease. We got them vetted and ready for a fresh start. These two dogs were very loved and certainly must miss their owner. They deserve happiness. Ever consider what would happen to your pets if you passed away? Help us help them by sharing their story! Please call 630-584-0200 for more details about adopting them or visit our store at 566 Randall Road in South Elgin so you can meet them in person.

This little piggy is mighty cute and he has a story.

A customer was walking his dog in a forest preserve when the dog pulled him over to some shrubs on the side of the path, and they found this little guy there. Guessing he was abandoned. He is very sweet, a little scared, and very skinny. But otherwise seems healthy.  

You gotta love his spunk!


We are proud to offer rescued pets of all varieties.  Including: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and many more. Our variety of pets is ever changing so stop by Critters Pet Shop and see what we have today!


Adopted - Say hello to "One Eyed Mimi" the Shih-Tzu.

Our group rescued her out of Chicago animal control.  When she arrived at animal control her one eye was damaged and had to be surgically removed.  She has since healed from the injury and is fine now.  She is appox 2 years old.  She is very cute and just as friendly and happy as can be.  Hey, not everyone is perfect, that is Ok and life goes on. Mimi is just a beautiful one eyed Shih-tzu!

View IMG_20140819_153854110.jpg in slide show View IMG_20140819_154255123.jpg in slide show <<< These two little ferrets are only a few months old. Their family decided they couldn't care for them anymore so they are here at Critters looking for new homes.  They are very cute and playful.  <<< Say hello to "Momo"! This sweet little ferret loves people and gives kisses. Did you know we have all kinds of rescued critters at our store. This little one was saved out of a high kill shelter in Chicago. We love ferrets! Beautiful little pets. 
Adopted - "MILEY” is a female SNOWSHOE MIX. 7 Years old. Rescued out of the anti-cruelty society in Chicago. She is already spayed, chipped, tested and up to date on shots. She is very sweet and unique looking with a kinked tail. She is shy but totally comes out of her shell once she is comfortable. She is friendly and greets people who come in the store. Stop by and meet her. We would like to find a home were she is the only cat so she can be queen of the household

Adopted -Jamaica Rose is a 1 year old Maltese Mix.  

She was rescued out of Chicago Animal Care and Control.  This is a very gentle little dog and she loves to cuddle. She would love nothing better then to snuggle in someones lap.  She is good with well behaved kids.  She will need gentle handling because she is little and her temperament is timid.  We had her spayed, chipped and vaccinated.  She also needed to be groomed and we had to trim her hair quite short because it was very matted. But that will grow back :)


Adopted- Ben is a poodle rescued out of Chicago Animal Care and Control.  

He is apporximately 2 years old, neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  Poodles are great pets for people with allergies and are considered to be highly intelligent.  

He is very playful and sweet.

Meet "Oreo". She is a female Dutch rabbit with a lust for adventure! 

This sweet domestic rabbit was found in a local family's back yard a few months ago. Many efforts were made to find her owners. So now she is at Critters and available for adoption. She is very cute, quite healthy and calm too.

Stop by and meet her today.

"TRIX" the cat has an awesome personality and loves her people! 

Stop by and adopt a best friend today.

Trix is vaccinated, felv/FIV negative and already spayed too.  

She is very pretty kitty with a outgoing nice temperament which is always a bonus! 


Adopted- "LADY" is a really good girl.

 She is a very nice behaved solid Chihuahua and we really like her. She does well with kids and other pets and goes potty outside nicely. She is an all around great dog and has been a dream here at the store. She was rescued out of Texas with her litter of 6 pups. We found all of her puppies nice homes so now it is her turn for happiness.  We had her spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  This pretty dog is ready to start a new life. 

"LUCKY" the Chihuahua was the much loved pet of a local family who recieved a letter from their landlord informing them that in 30 days pets were no longer allowed at their complex.  He is quite a character and is very well potty trained here at the store.  He is great with other dogs and was raised in a local household with grade school aged kids so he was well cared for and we have his vet history. "Lucky" is a nice guy but has to check folks out when he first meets them.  

Offer him a treat and he is all smiles!  He is a staff favorite.  

BEN & JERRY are two male poodles rescued out of Chicago Animal Control. 

These two beautiful black poodles found them themselves at a high kill shelter and they were very scared.  They had no clue that their time was up.  Our group rescued them and we had them all vetted.....neutered, chipped, vaccinated and groomed too.  So these boys are all ready to start a new life with you!  Stop by our shop and meet them.  They are available for adoption right here at Critters


Adopted - REX Neutered Male Miniature Pincher. This beautiful dog was rescued out of Chicago. He was found homeless but quite healthy. Sadly this sweet dog sat at animal control and his time had run out. He would have been one of many that are euthanized that week. So our group rescued him and saved his life. We got him properly neutered and vetted. Rex is calmer than most Min Pins and very friendly. He loves going outside for walks and sunning himself. He would love to have a loving furrever family. Our vet estimates his age as 2 years.

  Adopted - GORDITA Spayed Female Poodle mix This girl was rescued out of Chicago after her family left her there because they couldn't care for her anymore. Gordita is very snuggly and all she really wants is attention. We noticed she enjoyed the company of other dogs at animal control. We feel she would be good in a home with other dogs and would enjoy a family where she would get lots of attention. Our vets believe she is between 4-6 years old or possible younger, possible cockapoo.

Adopted- "Scrappy" was rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter.   He was brought in as a stray, and then he sat and sat and sat at Animal Control. The shelter he was at has very low traffic and nobody came to claim him. And no other rescues expressed interest in him. He was down to his last day and we said yes and saved him at his final hour.  This sweet guy is about 20 lbs and only about 2-3 years old, and very friendly.

He and other lovable rescued pets are here at Critters looking for homes.

Stop by, tell your friends and support our store.

New animals arriving daily

New born chinchillas 5.10.14

Prairie dog

New born Guinea pigs 5.10.14

Hand-fed Parrotlet

Adopted- This little sweetie is “Schneider” the Schnoodle. 

He is 5 yrs old, neutered and vet checked.  This cutie was rescued out of a local shelter. He had a long scruffy coat but it was very knotted so he had to be cut short. Whoever adopts this dog has to promise they will brush him. Tangled knotted hair is very painful for dogs.



Adopted - Beautiful little party colored toy poodle.

He is so sweet and gentle. He came to our rescue because his owner didn't want him due to hernia which made him not of breeding quality.  We had surgery neuter done.  He is great. Come to Critters Pet Shop and meet this cute little dog.  We love his hair.  He looks like he has one of those old lady bouffant updo hairstyles. He is born on 2.15.14 so he is only a few months old.  Poodles are a super low shed so people with allergies really like this breed.  They are also considered to be one of the more intelligent breeds of dog. They require daily brushing and grooming and this is an important part of poodle care.


We have a great selection of adoptable cats and kittens

Adopted- This is "Bella" our very beautiful beastie!  It is believed she is Rhodesian Ridgeback / Shepherd / perhaps some Pit mixed in too.  At 5 months old, she is already a strong, large dog and is really quite impressive.  She has been well socialized; having spent a large portion of her puppyhood at a dog daycare center playing with lots of other dogs her size.  She gets along with all the people she has met.  She is lively and large so she is kind of scary to cats and small dogs that don't know her.  She would be a good watch dog, she is good natured but has a deep bark when we unlock the door late one night.   She is a spirited dog with a lot of energy so she will need obediance training and a strong owner who is willing to be a leader.  She gets excited in her cage so ask to meet her out of her cage. She is at the store and eager to meet families. This is a fabulous big dog! Click here for a video of her with our trainer


Adopted- “Ginger” is a little Wire-Hair Doxie mix. This sweet little one is only a puppy and she was left a vet clinic because her new owner decided they didn’t want her.  She is so cute, little, fun and sweet and only a few months old.  She is playful but always will return to a lap for attention. What a cutie!  Ginger is already spayed, vaccinated and chipped.  She has been just a joy here at the store and plays nicely with both young and old. This little girl is a favorite of ours and just a great pup.




Adopted- Handsome "Cheerio" arrived on transport from a Southern Illinois shelter on 5.6.14. He is approximately 15 pounds and a terrer mix. Poor little one sat there and nobody claimed him. Just love his eyes. He is cute as can be and is super friendly. 


Adopted- "Graham" the Labrador Retriever is wonderful! He was part of an unplanned and unwanted litter, and dumped at an animal-friendly home. The man found homes for all, except poor little Graham who was left at a Southern Illinois Shelter. He came to Critters to find a home. Thanks to the kindness of a tag team of transporters who wanted to save his life.  He looks full blood Labrador retriever. This pup is stunning.  He is only 18 weeks old. This dog is so sweet. We let him out of his crate when he just met us and he rolled over and let us give him Belly Rubs.

Adopted- "Handsome" is a wonderful Male Chihuahua.

He is only 3 years old and quite the character.  He is already neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. If you know someone looking for a Chihuahua SHARE his photo. He is a sturdy size and very good looking. An outgoing and fun dog.

He and other lovable pets are here at Critters looking for homes.

All adopted! -This box full of 8 domestic bunnies was dumped in a local park in St. Charles. They were found all dirty,huddled in the box. One even has it's ear missing! One of our customers who works at the park loves animals and brought them to Critters. We don't understand why anyone would think it would ok to treat an animal with such disregard. We don't know if they were part of a Easter egg hunt of a photo session or what?  Who knows, but there is no excuse. Treat animals with respect, really! These rabbits are very tame and have been letting us handle them. They have been surpisingly tolerant as we hold them to clean them up and comb out matted fur. Call 630-584-0200 if you are interested in helping with vet fees or adopting. 

Adopted - Meet "Gianna" the Chihuahua!

She is adorable and is so fun. She is an awesome dog but her owner just couldn't care for her anymore. This little girl can be timid at first but she loosens up quickly and shows her wonderful personality.  

   This is a nice little dog that would do best with older well behaved children. We really like her and we think she would be a wonderful companion. Gianna is up to date on shots, spayed. 

<- If you click on the VIDEO on the center left photo you can see she is quite well trained.  

Adopted - This is "Sweet Max" the Boxer mix. He was pulled out if Chicago Animal Control 4/8/14. We can not describe how terrified this poor puppy was in there. He's pure sweetness. Even when he was frightened beyond belief, he let our rescuer, a stranger, pick him up out of his kennel. He was curled in a ball and not wanting to move. Not snappy or mean. Sweet Max!  He needs to put some weight on him but he should grow up to be a handsome dog for sure. Here he is just taking in his surroundings. When he arrived he just sat there for 20 minutes looking around without making a sound! Bless his little heart, he is loosened up and is bonding with people quite readly. 

Adopted- There's something special about "Ruthie". She just looks at you with those eyes! She was rescued out of a Chicago high kill shelter. When she was found they noticed that one of her rear legs must have been broken in her past and healed on it's own. It was x-rayed and checked out ok and she gets around fantastic so has been left as is! There is intelligence and an intensity in this little Jack Russell's eyes that stops you in your tracks. This girl has seen a lot but has a great attitude.  Jack Russell Terriers are extremely intelligent dogs and like to have a job. They are highly trainable and lively. She is quite calm here at the store. She is already spayed, vaccinated, chipped, heartworm tested. Our goal is to find her a happy home in the Kane County open spaces. 

Adopted- This little female Brussels Griffon mix is a rescued mother dog....all of her pups found homes so now it's her turn. She is pretty cool looking with her funny little Mohawk!  Her estimated age is 5. She was found homeless and pregnant and ended up in a shelter. All her puppies got placed but she was passed over. She has had a year long journey since then. We want to thank K9 Guardians trainer in Lockport who cared for her after her pregnancy and really saved her. They did a very nice deed. Our goal here at Critters is to find her a nice home so she can have a happily-ever-after.

Adopted - Here is "Brownie" a Male Long-Haired Chihuahua smiling with his freshly cleaned teeth

Such a cute boy!  He is only 5 yrs old and he found himself at a shelter because his owner got sick. He was pretty scared in there so we rescued the little guy. We had him neutered, and updated his vaccines. He just had a dental cleaning too.

This is a nice little dog and a very gentle.  


 Adopted- These three adorable male guinea pigs were born here. We rescued their pregnant mommy from animal control. All three are boys and are available for adoption here at Critters Pet Shop.


Adopted- This very handsome male Dutch rabbit just hopped into Critters Pet Shop! He is only 1 year old and looking for a new home. His family didn't have time for him anymore.  He is very cute and pretty friendly. He comes with a huge cage that is in good condition.  

Adopted - Here is "Bandit" a sweet little 7 lb. Pomeranian/Maltese mix. He is only 9 months old!  He was very loved by his owner but she had some major life changes and just couldn't care for him anymore. She tearfully gave him up.  So, this sweet guy is at Critters looking for a new home. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, up to date on his rabies vaccine. He is a super friendly happy little dog and lived with a cat.  He likes to sit in windows and look out.  He loves people and will jump into our arms as soon as we go near.  Really a wonderful little pet!



 Adopted - "Omni" is a Jack Russell terrier mix. He was rescued out of the Lone Star State....he is our first Texan! Sadly, they have quite a dog over-population issue brewing down there. Omni is fully vetted. Up to date on shots, neutered and micro-chiped too.



Adopted - "Rose is a 1 and 1/2 year old Ball Python. 

She is approximately 3 foot long.  She was well cared for and eats regularly.  She comes with her enclosure, heating lights, decorations and various accessories. 

Adopted- "Boomer" is very outgoing! We put his cage right next to our checkout so he can watch all the people coming and going. He likes to inspect any new products that the sales reps bring in too. If you are looking for a cat we urge you to consider adopting one of our young adults. We personally rescued these cats - they are awesome and fully vetted.
Photo: Here is BUD. He is an awesome BIG boy. I rescued him out of a kill shelter.  He was sitting in his cage hiding under a sheet of newspaper!  When I peeked under there I saw these impressive gold eyes and he melted my heart. His 30 days were up so pulled him and I brought him to Critters. I know we can find this glorious creature a loving home. He's neutered, vaccinated, chipped and tested.  SHARE HIS PHOTO.

Adopted- Here is "BUD". He is an awesome BIG boy. I rescued him out of a kill shelter. He was sitting in his cage hiding under a sheet of newspaper! When I peeked under there I saw these impressive gold eyes and he melted my heart. His 30 days were up so pulled him and I brought him to Critters. I know we can find this glorious creature a loving home. He's neutered, vaccinated, chipped and tested.

All adopted - Chihuahua/ Yorkshire Terrier mixes

Adorable little babies. These pups are the result of an unplanned pregnancy and raised in a loving home. Very well cared for puppies. All of them are up to date on vaccines, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped too! 


Adopted- "Cooper" is an 8 year old Beagle mix and just loves people. He was raised with a family with kids. His owner worked too much so she didn't have time for him. He is here at Critters hoping to meet a new family to love him. This is a very good natured dog and gets along with well behaved children wonderfully. He is potty trained, knows "SIT" and walks politely on leash. He comes with his bed and is crate trained. He is slightly over-weight but he walks very nice on a leash. So anyone out there need an exercise partner?....Cooper is waiting for you.  He is good boy. Very good natured and goes potty outside reliably. He grew up in a household with kids and pets. We have found that he gets along well with most everyone. He is up to date on his vaccinations and neutered & chiped and vet checked.

Adopted- These puppies are part of a group that were rescued out of a high kill shelter in Kentucky.  They both have the same mom. The blond one looks Dachshund and the Chocolate one looks Chihuahua.  Believe it or not, their mother is a cream colored Carin Terrer. All of them are up to date on vaccines, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.


Adopted - "COMET" is quite a lover. He is a 1 yr old lab mix and was just rescued from a Southern Illinois shelter along with his friend Toto. They sat next to each other for the ride up north. He is a lively guy and loves hugs from people! He would be a great dog for an active family. Spring will be here soon and this guy would love to run in the sunshine Stop by and adopt a sweet rescued dog today.



Adopted- "TOTO" is a Yorkshire Terrier Mix and he is accepting hugs. He is a GREAT little dog that we just rescued out of a Southern Shelter. He is under a year old already neutered and vaccinated. He is a terrier and low/no shed. Very friendly small dog and is fully grown. He came to Critters so he could meet a nice family who would give him the love he deserves. It is incredible that he was at risk of euthanasia. The misconception is that there must be something wrong with a pet if someone took it to a shelter. Please know that people dump perfectly sweet pets at animal control for a thousand reasons everyday.  Toto is an adorable! Stop and meet him today.


Adopted- "MONTY" was just rescued from Chicago Animal Control on 1.26.14.  A big scary place for a small guy like him. He is very sweet and gentle. About a year old. He has the most beautiful olive colored eyes and huge ears. He is available for adoption here at Critters Pet Shop. Monty is really affectionate and hugs us like a baby when we pick him up. He would make a very loving pet for any family. Come meet him today.


Adopted - "Mariam" just arrived 1.16.14. We rescued her from a shelter where she was sitting for months. She has beautiful green eyes. She is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and tested. She is available for adoption here at Critters. She is a very nice cat. Come meet her and her friend Isla today.

Adopted- "Isla" just arrived 1.16.14. We rescued her from a shelter where she was sitting since summer. She is a beautiful tan color and so very friendly. She is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and tested. She is a good kitty and is great with people. She is available for adoption here at Critters. Come meet her today.

Moe, Larry and Curly!

This litter of 3 little boys arrived 1.4.14. Sweet little cattle dog mixes hoping for a warm bed to sleep in. We rescued them from a high kill shelter from an area of Kentucky were the kill rate is over 98%. They are vaccinated and have had their intitial worming. They will be spay/neutered on January 15th. After they recover, our goal is to find them very nice homes with our awesome customers so they can have a happy life.  All adopted

We have a nice selection of box turtles and tortoises right now. This group is really unusually outgoing. They are so tame that they eat from our hand when we open the door.  Might be because our staff spoils them. They come running over when we bring food. They all vary in size. Anywhere from 4 - 8 " in diameter. These make an interesting pet. They are quiet, low allergy and relatively easy to care for once they have the proper habitat set up.  

These critters live many decades.


AdoptedLenny" is a 3 year old male Chihuahua and he is eager to find a new home.

We rescued him from a kill shelter on October 29th and he is at Critters Pet Shop hoping to meet a family.  Lenny is already neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. A very nice little dog and seems to like everyone. Not your usual frail chi. He has some muscle to him. Love his cute pushed in face that makes him look like a little man. All he needs is a family to love him. Lenny is good natured and loves going for walks, or just quietly cuddling his blankie. Help us find him a home by sharing his photo!



Adopted  "Hank" is an adorable neutered male Miniature Pincher mix. 

He is only a few years old and so very cute.  He is as smart as can be and has charmed our entire staff.  Believe it or not, this sweet guy was at a shelter. Hank is neutered, micro-chipped and an all around good guy. In his spare time likes to play high fives and watch kittens. Likes long walks. Our whole staff just loves this dog. He is quite the character. Available for adoption here at Critters.For some reason black dogs have a hard time being adopted in a shelter environment.  We do not understand this because he is a very handsome dog with his shiny black coat! Hank is wonderful about potty training and walks nicely on a leash.  This little guy is hoping for a home with someone who would to teach him tricks and take him for walks. He is a sturdy little dog and so full of fun :)  

Adopted- Three purebred "Tan" bunnies arrived 12.6.13.

They are brothers. Their owners loved them but had to separate the males from the females so they brought the guys to us. They are only a few months old. They will have to be separated and housed separately. They are gorgeous. Available for adoption right here at Critters pet shop.

As soon as the warm weather comes we will many many more kittens to choose from.

Adopted - Look what Santa brought to Critters!
These little cuties are just lovable mix breeds. They come from from a high kill shelter in Kentucky where the euthanasia rate is over 95%.  They are adorable babies and their Christmas wish is to have a home and family of their own.
They are spayed/neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Adopted - "Snickers" is 5 yr old Purebred neutered male Persian.
One of the children in his family developed him! 
This beautiful cat is up to date on his shots and has vet records. He is a good looking guy with huge eyes! His fur is silver sable and needed some dematting which we are working on. Snickers has a very relaxed personallity.
He is available for adoption. Stop by and meet him today:)

Adopted-  Little miss "Penny"
She is a 1 year old little mix. She Looks part Chihuahua. She was found homeless and ended up in a kill shelter. She is such a friendly little dog that when we met her we knew we had to rescue her! She is only 7 lbs is lucky she wasn't eaten by a coyote. She is absolutely adorable and so affectionate. She is fully grown, but needs to gain a little weight. She is fully vetted. We had her to be spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated on Oct 8th. She is available for adoption here at Critters.

Help us find her a home by sharing her photo 

Adopted!-  “Minnie”

“Minnie” came to us with her litter of babies. All her little ones found homes.  She is a beautiful cat and only 1 year old.  She is now spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  Sadly, her local family home was foreclosed.  We feel so bad to see people & pets go through this. Their family loved them dearly, but they had to make some tough decisions to put a roof over their they had to move in with their in-laws. Minnie is a wonderful cat and is available for adoption here at Critters. She was a well loved pet and is super friendly and socialized around family, kids and other pets.


Adopted - Here's "Triple".   

He is only 1 & 1/2 years old and found himself sitting in a shelter.  We rescued him so he has a chance to find a loving home. He is a healthy, friendly, cute, fun, playful little dog!   He is neutered, micro-chiped and vaccinated.  As you can see from this photo he is quite the character and very smart and he is a good dog too. He has great muscle tone and loves to go running.  So he would be perfect for an active family or a person who wants a jogging partner.  We believe he is a Rat Terrier / Basenji mix.  He is quite handsome and has long legs, a shiny coat, a nice stance with a unique tighly curled tail.   We really like him and we think you will too.

Triple is available for an adoption fee right here at Critters Pet Shop!

Adopted- "Benji" is approx 1 year old male Chihuahua.
 This little guy had an adventure! He was found running lost and homeless.  A compassionate police officer picked him up and brought him to the animal shelter.  He is so small he would have easily been killed by a coyote.  Benji sat at a shelter for nearly a month until we rescued him.  He is super playful and loves people and is good with other well behaved dogs. This little guy is not timid at all and is pretty funny once he gets running around.  He had playmates at the shelter so we know he enjoys other dogs. 
Benji is up to date on his vet work, including, neutering, microchiped, vaccinations etc. He is available for adoption at Critters. 
Because of his tiny size we recommend him for well behaved older kids or adults please. 
Stop by and meet him right here at Critters Pet Shop! 


Adopted- Boston Girl arrived 10.21.13 and she is so cool. She is only 2 years old and available for adoption here at Critters.
She is sweet as can be with her squishy nose but is very quiet and shy. (She is very food motivated so treats always help make new... friends.) She has AKC papers and was suppose to be used for breeding but she was just too shy and the boys didn't understand. Anyway that was not for her and the breeder noticed this. She is a timid girl and needs gentleness.
We know we can find her a home where she can find happiness as a much loved family pet.
Check out her very sincere eyes. How could you not love her!


Adopted- "Little boy" is a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix (on the right). He is just a few months old.  He and his Mama came to us because their owner is stuggling with cancer and can no longer care for them. His mother (on the left) is a beautiful 5 year old purebred registered Longhair Chihuahua. They are both available for adoption at Critters. Super friendly and raised around kids. Both are fixed, microchipped and vaccinated too.  Very nice little dogs that would love a family to love them.


This litter of 8 little Siamese mix kittens arrived 10.5.13 

They were rescued out of a high kill shelter in Missouri.  They traveled a long way and arrived here at Critters because of the kindness and dedication of a group of ladies who operate a transport.  These babies were most likely saved from certain death as the odds of a pet being adopted out of these rural shelters is so very small.  The kittens are absolutely adorable and were cared for by a veterinarian before they arrived at Critters.  The vet also tested them for FeLV and made sure they recieved the necessary vaccines and deworming etc.

Available for adoption.  Click for video

"Buddy" is a female purebred Mini Rex rabbit.

She is only three months old and very sweet. Her owners are moving so she is available for adoption with her cage and its contents.  But we really recommend a larger cage then they provided because rabbits need room to hop around and play.

Mini-rex grow to 3 1/4 to 4 ½ pounds and their life span is 10+ years. Their small size makes them easy to handle, house and feed. They are generally friendly and quite active and enjoy playing or even just being petted. Their plush coats, small size and friendly personalities make them very nice pets.  We have many customers who have this breed of rabbit and just love them!

Meet "Cody" the Maine Coon.

We love cool cats....especially big ones. This feline is bigger then 3 out of 4 of the dogs at our store right now! Cody has an interesting story and a very caring veterinarian who rallied to save his life. Cody's owner died and the family could no longer care for him so they ended up at his Vet Clinic asking about ...the final shot. Now, this is an awesome cat and the staff at the clinic said no. Instead they offered to find him a home. They did all his veterinary work and Critters is going to help find him a new family. "Cody" is neutered, vaccinated and all his blood work is done to make sure he is a healthy cat. He is awesome and really BIG. He is available for adoption. Did we mention -Cody is 11 years young. Let us just say that our last cat lived to be 21!

Adopted- Isn't he cute... This is "Bubbles" the Quaker Parrot.  His owner had to have a heart transplant!  The doctor said no more birds could be in the home so we are helping bubble's owner find him a new home.  He is quite tame and looks young. ... He is making the beginning sounds that mimic human speech. So, he is showing signs of wanting to talk.  Quakers are nice little parrots. They chatter and squauk through out their day (like all birds) so you have to be ok with that. We have to say, we like them, they are funny little guys, make a nice companion and they become very attached to their owners.  Call Critters at 630-584-0200 for pricing and details.

Adopted - Beautiful Snowshoes!

"Sugar Moma"  is one year old that came to critters with her litter of babies. She is a 1 year old Snowshoe cat.  All of her babies have been adopted. She is now spayed and available for adoption. We really like these cats. Snowshoes are very cool - they consider themselves people. They love to cuddle and are very intelligent, they can be taught tricks! Snowshoes are also known for their fascination with water and will climb into the tub for a swim. While not as loud or vocal as the Siamese, Snowshoes are never at a loss for words.These are really nice cats and almost behave dog like.  Stop by Critters and adopt a rescue pet today.  


Adopted- Calling all Reptile enthusiasts!
Our latest Rescue is a Black Tree Monitor.
Oh my...this dude looks likes a something out of Jurassic Park.

His owner went off the college and the parents were left to care for him and they said no.
So, he is available for adoption right here at Critters pet shop.
Come check him out.
Click on his photo for a larger image.
Adopted- Our latest resuce is a nut !
"Pistachio". Two year old female hedgehog. Owners are moving. She is adorable and is quite photogenic too. She is pretty outgoing and let us photograph with no problem.  She is such a cute little girl that you want to put a bow on her head.  Because of their delicate nature we recommend Hedgehogs for well behaved mature kids or adults.  These are pretty cool little pets and we always enjoy them.  Stop by and meet her right here at Critters Pet Shop! 

Adopted “Oreo" is a handsome black and while male domestic cat.  He has longish hair and a very bushy tail.  He is a big guy and is 1-2 years old.  He has a very nice personality and is friendly.  His owner had to give him up because of allergies.  Oreo is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.  He is a good guy and uses the litter box here at the store.  He would make a wonderful pet for any family.  His hobbies include sleeping upside down and lounging.  Stop by and meet him


Adopted- Meet “Tootsie” she was rescued from a shelter down state. She is a 4 year old long coated black & tan Dachshund mix. The shelter vet thought she is probably mixed with Papillion due to the feathering on her feet.  She is about 14-16 pounds with a long tail. Tootsie is an excellent pet for a family with well behaved older children, we had her at a family picnic and she warmed up quickly and before we knew it she climbed up on our lap. She is a little shy with fast moving young children but she is a good girl.  She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. They told us that Tootsie enjoys the company of other dogs and had several good canine friends she lived with.  Our vet checked her out and said “Tootsie” is a winner.  Stop by and meet her today. 

Adopted - Meet "Dusty" the beautiful Cockatoo.
He was very loved by his owner. But sadly, his owner died of throat cancer. So this beautiful character is available for adoption here at Critters. This parrot is very animated and talks up a storm!  We have had many parrots over the years and cockatoos are quite loving pets and require special care and attention. They are highly emotional, intelligent and social creatures so they need someone that has time to spend with them. Dusty's estimated age is 14 and these birds live 50-60 years!  He is truly an amazing animal. If you have room in your life for someone special like him.  He is awesome!  It is like adopting a child....honesty, as smart as your average toddler! This one talks and is clearly very social. The owner was quite the bird lover and had many parrots so this bird was well cared for by a true parrot aficionado.
These guys have a strong beak to they are not recommend around little kids with out supervision. 
Please call 630-584-0200 or feel free to stop by and meet him.


Adopted - "Snowball" aka "Frosty" the Bichon is neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated including for rabies. He is around 4 - 5 years old. We rescued him from a shelter where he was for nearly a month. They had him groomed so he is in good shape and has no mats. He was an owner surrender. The wife loved him but the husband sounded like he was not a dog person...very sad. They owned a cat so Snowball is used to being around cats.  Snowball likes to play with other dogs and had playtime with other pups at the shelter.  He can be timid when he first meets people but warms up quickly once he feels safe. He is a beautiful dog and looks full blood Bichon. You can find out more if you stop by Critters or call 630-584-0200

Adopted- "What big ears you have!" "All the better to hear with."
This is "Lucy" and she has awesome ears!
She is a 5 year old dutch rabbit. Her owner couldn't care for her any more so she is available for adoption here at Critters. She comes with...
a cage that her former owners gave us but we recommend a larger cage. Bunnies need room to hop hop hop... They are quite active and should have a good sized cage so they can play and run around a bit. Plus they should be taken out of the cage so they can stretch their legs and jump around. They really love to play.  We lots of wonderful bunnies right here at Critters.  We love rabbits and have kept them as our own pets. Stop by and meet Lucy and her friends today.


 Adopted - adaAdopted -“Mya” Poodle/Bichon Mix- rescued 8.15.13.  We found this sweetheartl sitting in an animal shelter for nearly a month. Now she is here at Critters hoping to meet a new family. She is very nice girl and loves everyone. She is approx 3 years old, spayed and micro-chipped.  She had some matting when we first got her but after having several nice baths and a groom she is looking better. These types of dogs need regular grooming.  This is a super sweet gentle dog that gets along with everyone. She deserves a happy home where she is loved. Stop by and meet her... who knows maybe she is the one for you. We invite you to come to Critters and adopt a rescue pet today.  

 ADOPTED -Now, this is an awesome Cat indeed! "PAWS" is a neutered male Siamese mix and very large and impressive. He is micro-chipped, front declawed by previous owner.  We noticed him sitting all alone in a corner cage at the shelter. We just could not leave him behind at a kill-shelter! We had the vet test him for FeLV/FIV/FIP. Come check him out. He is available for an adoption fee at Critters Pet Shop. He is a cool cat and always the quintessential feline! Hey, he deserves a nice home with people who will appreciate "His Awesomeness! 

Stop by Critters to say hello and adopt a rescued cat.

Here is a cute video of him enlightened Click for Video

Adopted - Here is sweet "Lady Bug".

She is a tiny little Chihuahua that we rescued. Chihuahuas are typically quite timid when we first meet them...but little Lady Bug couldn't have been more outgoing with her little tail wagging and begging to come out and play. This is a very nice little Chi that loves people and would make a great pet. She loves to go outside for walks and prances on the leash.  This little girl just loves to sit on laps and give kisses.  Stop by and meet her.

Lady Bug is available for an adoption fee right here at Critters Pet Shop!

She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated.


Adopted - “Mikey” Rescued  8.21.13.

Wow is he pretty!  18 week old "Mikey” is a Black Lab / Hound mix ~ that's where he gets the brown markings. This guy is going to be a good sized dog. At 4 months old he was over 25 lbs. He is very impressive already.. He is neutered up to date on basic and vaccinations and wormings.  This pup is really good looking and friendly as they come. He traveled all the way to Illinois from a high kill shelter in Missouri. The chances of him getting adopted down there are minimal. But we know we can find this handsome boy a home here in the Fox Valley. Labrador Retrievers are so popular here!  Tell your friends about him.

Adopted - "Bunny" the lop Rabbit is available for adoption. His owners didn't want him anymore so he is here at Critters looking for a new home. "Bunny" is a feisty guy and likes to hop around the store and follow people. He is one of the largest rabbits we have ever had here at the store. He is under a year old and comes with a very nice cage that is his home. Stop by and meet him. He is quite impressive! Because of his size and temperament we recommend him for adults and/or older children.

Adopted- Lucy is only 4 pounds. She is a Purebred Yorkshire Terrier and she is actually a retired champion show dog. She's very sweet, quiet and just loves people. A few years ago she went to shows so she was very well cared for but lost one tooth on her last dental.  Because of her size we are looking for a calm household. The perfect lap dog for a retired person or family with well behaved calm kids because this little girl is small and very gentle.  The breeder gave her to a family she knew. But the family chose to give her up because the kids kept leaving the baby gate open and ...little Lucy nearly fell down some steep stairs several times. So, our mission is to find her a peaceful home where she can be a lap dog and be cuddled. She is adorable, super gentle, used to other dogs and goes potty outside. 

Little lucy found a great home with a nice local family.



Meet "Ebony" and "Ivory" - rescued 7.27.13.  These two Labrador Retriever Mix puppies are good looking little pups. They were brought up from Missouri before they ended up in a kill shelter. We took two from the litter. They are around 3 months old and very cute. They are available for adoption right here at Critters. We had them fixed, vaccinated and micro-chippped. They are very lively fun puppies. They are quite well behaved and are already getting the hang of potty training but they are young so they need somone who has time and patience to train them. We would love for them to go to a family with a nice yard with plenty of room to play so they can grow up and have a happy life.  .

Adopted - Meet "Chopper" the Chihuahua/ terrier mix. He was pulled from Chicago Animal Control, which is a scary place for any pet. This brave soul is only 3 years old and a very friendly guy. He just loves people and has no idea that he dodged being put down, literally by hours. He is safe now and available for adoption at Critters Pet Shop. This is a very well adjusted little dog. He is small but not delicate and very calm. He should make a perfect pet and deserves a loving family. We spent the day with him at a local rescue event and he met all kinds of people and his tail wagged the whole time! He is so good natured. He is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated including for rabies.  He's a winner!


Adopted together! - We have two interesting kittens at the store right now. They are siblings and both unplanned pregnancy, born in March 2013. They look like Black Bengals. They are very long and lean. Their fur is short and black but has a pattern so if you hold them up to the light and you can see slight spots and stripes.  Beautiful fur on these two boys! They were totally black when they were younger. As they are growing a beautiful pattern is emerging and is becoming quite visible. Stop by and meet them in person. They are gorgeous!  These two have always been together.  In a perfect would be so cool if these two kids could be adopted together because they love each other and really seem to enjoy each others company, but they are available separately. Call 630-584-0200 for more information. Click image on far left to enlarge.


Adopted - "Toby" the Hedgehog.
He is one year old and his owner moved out of state and left him behind. So, he is at Critters Pet Shop looking for a nice person to adopt him. He is kinda shy, but he posed for this nice picture. Once he gets settled into a new home and relaxed, he will be a nice pet.
This little Hedgie is trained to use a litter box which is somewhat unusual. He is available for an adoption fee and comes with a nice cage, accessories and all his worldly possessions. He's a very cute spiky little guy. Call 630-584-0200 for details.


Adopted -"Bella"  is a 2 years old Femaie Beagle.  Rescued 6.27.13.  She is super cute, smart and compact in size.  She loves to ride in the car and go for walks and just roll in the grass.  We saved this little girl just in time.  She was scheduled to be put down in 24 hours as they can only keep them so long at shelters.   She is a young dog and will need some training but she will make someone a nice pet.

Bella is available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop!

It's Kitty-Paloosa at Critters!

This time of year we have lots of owner surrendered kittens.  Stop buy and adopt a new feline friend today. We have a large selection of rescued kittens available for an adoption fee. They have their initial vaccinations, worming and come with a spay/neuter discount certificate.  They are very sweet.

Adopted - "Lena" is an mature adult chihuahua that would love a home of her own.  She is very playful and has the cutest smile. She is the most loving, loyal little dog and her favorite place to be is on your shoulder! She loves to be held like a baby and have her belly rubbed and is just such a sweetheart. She is already spayed, vaccinated and heartworm tested. She walks nice on a leash and loves to explore outside and go on walks. She would love a family to call her own.  We urge you to consider adopting a sweet dog like her.  It is very rewarding and the bond is special.  She has alot of love to give.


Adopted- We rescued “Gunner” 5.17.13.  He is a 2 year old Greyhound mix.  He is very tall and lean.  This little dog has had quite the adventure and is lucky to be alive.  He was carried into animal control in a blanket by a Good Samaritan who witnessed him be hit by a car!  He was pretty banged up and scared to death. He was thoroughly checked over by their veterinarian and he is fine now. Just a few scrapes and bruises.  He is very gentle and he takes his time getting to know people. He is calm and watchful. He must have had some basic training because he will “sit” or lay “down” when prompted with a treat!  Pretty cool dog with a dramatic story.  He would be a perfect jogging partner.  He is available for adoption at Critters Pet shop



Adopted-  "Hi, I'm "Aspen" and I'm at Critters Pet Shop looking for a home of my own.

I am an adult dog but that just means I already know lots of stuff and am pretty laid back. I'm a tiny little guy, only about 6 pounds, but I have a huge heart! I'm a very sweet, sensitive guy that loves cuddling and just hanging out with my person. I'm great with other dogs, but I really love people, so I don't mind if I have a canine playmate or not. I would love going out and seeing the world with you or just hanging out on the couch watching a movie. I'm looking for a family that will love me as much as I will love them and who will enjoy cuddling as much as I do--is that you?" 

Aspen is neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested.

Adopted- "James" is a wonderful, quiet little Chihuahua who loves to cuddle. He is about 8-9 years old and very well behaved. He is great with other dogs and loves to lay outside in the sun. He loves to give kisses and nibble gently on your chin to show you how much he loves you--so cute!  He is already neutered, vaccinated and walks on the leash. This is a great little dog and would make a great pet for any family. Stop in a meet him today.



Adopted- Meet "Bob" the Bearded Dragon.

He's a gorgous high-color and is 1-2 years old. He just arrived here at Critters because his owner didn't want to take care of him anymore. So he is here at Critters looking for a new family to love him. Stop in and meet him. He is very handsome and friendly too.  He is available for adoption at Critters Pet shop


Adopted. Meet "Asia". She is a Gorgeous 1 year old Long Hair Tortoiseshell cat.


We would describe her as sweet, playful and very elegant. She weighs around 6 lbs but looks quite large and furry. She is really beautiful and her major vet work is done! She is all vet checked, spayed, vaccinated including for rabies.  She was rescued from a shelter and we think she is awesome! She is available for adoption right here at Critters. Stop by and meet her today.

Adopted - "Sebastian" is a super sweet Chihuahua that is approx 3-4 years old and about 8 pounds. He was saved from an Animal Control facility and would love a home of his own. He gets along great with other dogs and would enjoy a home with a playmate. He also loves people and would like a family with older kids to play with or a person who would take him out to see the world!"  He is very self assured and handsome with his curly tail.  He is neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested.  A really nice dog! 

Adopted- "Snoozie the Schnauzer” is here at Critters. She is a 7 and a half year old purebred Mini Schnauzer.  Sadly, her owner just died of breast cancer and she had no family that could take her dog. This is a very calm quiet dog.  We discovered that "Snoozie” has a thing for squeak toys when we used a squeak toy to get her to pose for this photo. She had puppies before so we speculate that the sound reminds her of them.  This dog is so incredibly sweet that she melts your heart.  She is petite and pretty.  She needs gentle handling so we recommend a calm family with older children or a retired couple. We just love her and we invite you to come and meet her today.  This truly is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met.




Meet "Spike". He is a lively little Schnauzer/Scotty Mix. He is only 10 months old. We just rescued him from a shelter. He was there quite a while. We noticed him last time we were there so we are glad to pull this little guy out of th...ere today. We will give him a chance for a happy life with one of the nice families who come to our store. Tell you friends about him. This is super cute, young dog plus he looks low shed. He would make a wonderful pet. Available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop.
 Adopted - Meet "Spike". He is a lively little Terrier Mix. He is only 10 months old and a super cute little dog.  We rescued him from a shelter on 5.17.13. He was there quite a while. We noticed him last time we were there so we are glad to pull this little guy out of there. We will give him a chance for a happy life.  This is super cute dog,  He got a great home with a very nice local couple.  His new dad is a fireman!

Adopted- My name is "Dolley".   I am a little 1 year old female black poodle mix rescued from a shelter.  My hair looks low to no shed.  I get along with everybody here at Critters.  I am very funny and playful and just love to go outside and run around.  My goal in life is to find a family with a big yard to take me home and love me and play with me.   I am available for an adoption fee.  I am up to date on shots and will be micro-chipped, spayed and vaccinated for rabies before I go home.  I like kids and other critters too. Come see me and all my friends here at Critters Pet Shop!


Adopted - Here is "Hammy" the Guinea Pig.
He is 5 1/2 years old and his owner is being transfered cross-country for work. They can no longer keep him. He is very tame and used to living with a family and 3 children who played with him. He is available for adoption here at Critters Pet Shop. He comes with a nice sized cage and all of his...worldly posessions. He is a cutie!

Adopted- Here is "Bandit" a 16 month old Male Sugar Glider.  

His owner couldn't keep him anymore. He was handled a lot and therefore is very friendly and likes to be held. He comes with his cage.He is very cute and sweet and available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop.   

Come meet him and other sweet pets today!


Adopted- We just rescued little "Mickey" on May 4th.  He is a 2 year old American Eskimo / Chihuahua mix. He actually looks very much like a Pommeranian.  He is a little guy and was pretty scared at the shelter.  He was dropped off there because of "Landlord disapporoval".  He is a good dog and has a stable temperament here at the store. He gets along with our staff and seems good around all the other pets.  He is potty trained and walks on a leash.  We have a feeling he was treated nice in his previous life because he has a friendly attitude towards people.   He will be neutered, mico-shipped and up to date on shots.   We have him scheduled to be neutered on May 14th so he can go to a new family after he is stable from that procedure.  Folks are welcome to come meet him and see if he is a fit for your family.  He is very cute and sweet and available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop.   Come meet him today!


ADOPTEDThis little rescue has scales! 

Hey, sometimes lizards need some help too. 
Meet "Falcor" a cute little 2 and a half year old bearded dragon lizard.  He just arrived here at Critters Pet Shop. He is quite friendly and eats pelleted food, veggies and loves chasing tasty crickets or wiggly super meal worms.  His owner didn't want him anymore but we like him....come on, how can you not like that face!  Beardies make great pets and become extremely tame.   These little guys are one of our favorite pets.   He's a pretty sweet little guy and he got a very nice home.


Adopted - "CALI" is a sweet little Rescued mix we just pulled out of a shelter on April 12th. 

She is a 3 year old Female.  She looks to be Italian Greyhound with Min Pin, Jack Russell or maybe with some Rat Terrier sprinkled in.  One of the joys of these little rescued mix breeds is they all look different.  All we know is that she is as cute as a button and super gentle and sweet, our vet even commented on her temperament.   We were happy to save a nice little girl like her.  We love her gray nose and her innocent round eyes.  She is friendly to everyone and goes outside potty with no problems.   She is a lively dog but seems easy going in various situations.   At the store she is fine with other dogs and friendly with kids.   We believe she will make a wonderful loving addition to any family. 


Adopted - Meet "Mr. Patterson".  (That's Diana holding him)  He was rescued from a kill shelter on April 12th.
The lady at the shelter really liked him and commented that he was a nice dog. This little boy is under 3 years old and a good guy.  He is the kind of dog who sat patiently and waited while we opened his cage at the shelter while all the other dogs are going crazy...he just sat nice wagging his tail.  He has a slight underbite but it only adds to his cuteness :)   He has a great little personality and carries himself with confidence.  We think he is pretty smart.  He behaves calmly and seems to have nice manners so he may of had some training.  He is potty trained and has gotten along well with the wide variety of people he meets here at Critters.   We think he would make a great pet and we hope you stop by and meet him -  who knows maybe fall in love with him too.

He found a great family to adopt him and his new name will be "Issac".


"Maxwell" the Yorkie Mix.

Adopted- This little dog was just rescued April 12th.  He is so sweet he came right up to us and gave kisses. One of the many nice things about him is that he has the cute look of a Yorkie but is not so delicate.  He will need some grooming, but he has a nice coat that looks low shed.  His previous owner did take care of him because his coat was not at all matted.  He is approximately 4 years old. Our vet said he is in good health.  He walks on a leash and goes outside potty and is very calm with other dogs and people here at Critters Pet Shop.   He is a nice looking dog...he really looks like the movie star "Benji".  


All 3 Adopted- These little cutes are adorable!  They are Bichon, Chihuahua mixes.

They were an unplanned pregnancy.  Their mom was a beautiful purebred Bichon Frise,  She went into her first heat and dad crawled under the fence....Hey, it happens in the best of families!  These pups are used to children and very well socialized - they grew up with 5 children in the house.  They are very happy-go-lucky little puppies and should stay small.  They have had their first vaccinations and come with a spay/neuter discount. 




Adopted - "Sammi" the happy little Male Maltese / Yorkie mix.

Available for adoption at Critters Pet Shop. He is 1 1/2 years old and very sweet - his owner loved him but had to give him up because she realized she was not home enough for him.

This little cutie grew up in a stable loving home and is well socialized.

He was around grandchildren and lived with a cat.

He is already neutered and vaccinated.

A very sweet dog that just needs someone who will be home more.


Adopted  "Sweetie" the 10 month old female Bichon.

We are happy to say we helped rescue this little girl on Good Friday. She was sitting in a kill shelter and so scared. She is a super nice dog and very potty trained!  We had our vet spay her.  She is vaccinated and microchipped. Her hair was somewhat matted so we had her groomed short, but it will grow out. She is a healthy well adjusted 10 month old Bichon. We meet alot of doggies and this little girl is so gentle.... truly a very nice dog.

She and other sweet adoptable rescues are waiting to meet you at Critters Pet Shop. 


Adopted- Meet our littlest rescue.... Little miss "Mouse".  

Now, we meet lots of Chihuahuas in our line of work and they don't come sweeter!  We just love her.  A super friendly little dog.  Poor little girl, she was found running stray in the cold.  She loves people and is at ease with most anyone she meets.  She is a small chihuahua so she needs a home where she is treated gently.  She seems fine with other dogs and just loves to snuggle and sit on laps.  She is truely adorable and available for an adoption fee.  She is up to date on basic shots and we are having her spayed.  She and other sweet adoptable rescues are waiting to meet you at Critters Pet Shop.  We are really enjoying saving these pets and matching them with loving families.  It really is awesome to save a life and make people happy in the process!




Adopted-  Here is  "Biscuit" the Beagle!  We just rescued him on March 16, 2013.  This sweet little boy is only 8 months old.  He is available for adoption right here at Critters Pet Shop.  He is up to date on basic shots and potty trained and will be neutered.  We are glad we went to the shelter when we did. We saved this sweet guy's life. He was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter at 5pm. Sadly, they can only keep them so long.  Biscuit is a Beagle so he will be best with a family with a fenced in yard because they follow their nose. Beagles have an interesting bark or "bay", for this reason we do not  recommended them in apartments.  They are very loyal companions and love being part of their family.   "Biscuit" is a very cute, happy guy - He pranced when we walked him out of that animal shelter!   He will need some training but he is a young dog so he should adjust to a new home easily. 

Adopted -These two boys are adorable. 

A sweet Purebred Shih Tzu (left) and a Yorkie / Shih Tzu mix (right). 

Both are up to date on shots and wormings.  Ask about our free vet visit, and discounted neuter certificate.  

These are very sweet dogs raised by a family we have known for 25 years!

Over the years, own personal  pets have come from this family. enlightened Video



  Adopted- Here is Muffin. (That’s Kevin holding her). She is approx 1 1/2yr old Poodle/Schnauzer mix we just rescued from Chicago Animal Control on March 8th. She is a really nice dog and likes to play fetch and play. This is an affectionate dog that seeks out attention and likes nothing better than to sit on your lap. She is well behaved and fully potty trained too. She weighs around 15 pounds and should be low/no shed. She has long legs and once her hair grows out she will be quite an elegant girl. She arrived at the shelter all matted so you have to forgive her unusual hair cut. The volunteers at the shelter had to cut her hair pretty short. She is already spayed, vaccinated including rabies plus micro-chipped too! 

Adopted - "Jeep" the Rat Terrier is a rescue.  He is outgoing, happy go lucky and so glad to get out of the shelter as you can see by his wagging tail.  Jeep likes getting hugs and once comfortable he is submissive and sweet.  Rat Terriers are known for being very trainable.  We employ a dog trainer who helps acclimate the dogs during the transition waiting for their new home.  Jeep has spent significant time at the trainer's home with her young childen and her dog and he got along very well.  We have found that he does quite well with her well-behaved children.  He is a high energy dog and lots of fun!  Jeep is very smart and playful and would make a nice pet with some one who likes a high energy dog.  He is neutered, up to date on shots and micro-chipped.  

 enlightened Click Here for Video - Jeep going sledding with the kids. 

Meet "Bug".  She was rescued from a Kill Shelter and is available for adoption at our store. Originally found running lost and homeless with her brother. They were in a shelter for quite a while. Bug is a funny, lively little dog and should make splendid pet.. She is a young dog so they need to learn basic obedience training but she is very trainable and smart.   She is a little cautious at first but she is a very affectionate and playful dog. She is vet checked, spayed and up to date on all shots including rabies!  Plus, she is micro-chipped....which we highly recommend!   Our entire staff has fallen in love with little bug and we think you will too!
         enlightened Video of Bug's fun home visit                                                                                          enlightened Video "BUG-nam style"

Click for Video


Adopted  Maltise / Yorkie mix  Adopted  Rat Terrier Chihuahua / Yorkie mix   Adopted "Ringo" the Chihuahua

Adopted Yorkshire Terrier  Adopted Puggle - Pug / Beagle mix Adopted  Havanese Adopted - Australian Shepherd

ADOPTED Here is Vanessa holding "Moo Moo" a Parson Jack Russell mix who we rescued from a kill shelter. The lady who cared for her at the shelter said Moo Moo was her favorite and she urged us to play with her. "Moo Moo" is approx 2 years old. She has her shots including rabies and we had her spayed. This dog is such a good natured clown! Super funny and a playful little goof. Like all "Jacks", Moo Moo is very smart but she needs structured training and attention. Vanessa is a certifed dog trainer and she has been spending time with her teaching her manners and showing her tricks. She learns fast!  She is a very loving dog and would be a great pet for a active family, someone who understands the breed and has property, perhaps with horses or wants a canine friend to go jogging with.

ADOPTED Diana is holding "Thatcher" a Miniature Pincher Mix. He looks like he has Terrier in him too because he has a wirey mustache. Honestly, he is such a wonderful little dog....can you believe, he was given up to a kill-shelter because he chased the family cat.  We rescued Thatcher  and he was such a good boy at the store.  He sits quietly while the other dogs bark and he walks so nice on the leash. They estimate his age is 2 years. He is up to date on shots including rabies, micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered. This little guy is a winner.

ADOPTED   Here is Derek holding "Siegfried" a white Lhasa Apso Mix.  He is approx 3 yrs old and was rescued from a kill shelter. The poor little guy was found running the streets scared and covered in matted fur....He's lucky a coyote or car didn't get him. He had to be shaved down pretty short but his hair will grow back and he will be a beautiful handsome dog. "Siegfried" has been vet checked and we just got him neutered. He has his shots including rabies.  He is such a sweet little guy, super calm, patient and he's completely potty trained.  If you spend some time with him you will fall in love with his soulful eyes.  We're pleased that he found a very loving home and they have sent us updates - they are so happy! 

ADOPTED  "Pinto" is a chihuahua & we think rat terrier mix that we rescued.  He is full of energy and so friendly. He is only 10 months old and 5.7 lbs. Pinto has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped too. We are happy to say Pinto got a great home.  She lives locally and has an awesome step-sister....a Border Collie who is obedience trained & a champion agilty dog.  Pinto is a very nice dog.


 Adopted "Springer" is a medium sized Black Lab mix. We rescued him on New Years Eve out of a kill shelter. He's a cute dog and a great candidate for adoption! This is a very friendly happy-go-lucky pup and would make a nice family dog.  It doesn't look like he will be as large as your typical purebred Labrador retriever. He's about 5 months old and already neutered and vaccinated.  This baby would love a nice big yard to play in and we have lots of those here in the Fox Valley. Springer is a typical lively lab so we recommend obedience training.  Our trainer Vanessa has been working with him to teach him manners and he learns fast.  He is available for an Adoption fee here at Critters Pet Shop.  Stop by and meet him today and tell your friends about him.

enlightenedClick for Video

ADOPTED  Pretty "Neveah" the Siamese mix.  We think she is part snowshoe because of her white paws. Snowshoe cats are known for their affectionate and docile disposition!   We rescued her from a kill shelter.  She is already spayed and is 6 years old.  Beautiful and very friendly!  This is a lovely elegant cat and has many years of love to give a new family.  She would make a very nice companion.  She is available for an adoption fee.

We welcome you to come to Critters Pet Shop and meet her and other fine feline friends today!

"Ann Marie" has been adopted before we had a chance to put her on the website. We rescued her from a shelter. She is adorable and gentle. She found a family right away too and will be going to their home after she recovers from her spay surgery. She's a beautiful kitty and very nice. Check out her amazing whiskers! Her eyes are not photoshop either! She is really this pretty.  We welcome you to come to Critters Pet Shop and meet her and other fine feline friends today!


 Adopted Adopted -  "Bella",  She is a 1 year old Mini Rex bunny who suddenly found herself displaced because her local family lost their home. We saved her from being homeless. She is a cute little one too.  She is quite tame. Her owner loved her and was very sad to let her go. She is a pretty, sweet little bunny and would love to have a new home, maybe with you.   She was available for adoption with her very own cage. 

heart Stop by Critters to meet her and we hope you adopt a rescued pet today.

Adopted Introducing "Ellie" - The Elegant Calico Cat.
She is a beautiful 2 yr old spayed Female.
rescued her from a kill shelter and she is available for adoption at Critters Pet Shop.  She is super friendly and litter box trained too. Her front nails are already declawed, she's vaccinated and already fixed...she's ready to go to a new home. Stop by - meet her - tell your friends about her too!

ADOPTED  Beautiful "Mi" with the Fancy Whiskers. We have no idea why anyone would drop this cat off at a kill shelter so we rescued him. This guy has got it all. He is under 5 years old, very affectionate and so out going.  He uses the litterbox reliably and he's already neutered, up to date on basic shots too!   Mi is very well adjusted around all the animals and people that he meets at the pet store. We are guessing he was well socilalized and loved. 

Wide variety of Reptiles & Amphibians


Small and furry animals of all kinds.  enlightenedHamster Video




All our Domestic Rabbits come from a local breeder or are rescues  enlightenedBunny Video

ADOPTED   1 year old male beautiful tan Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He comes complete with his home and its contents. He's a perfect little bunny but his family couldn't keep him anymore. He is available for an adoption fee at Critters.

He's a cutie indeed!



ADOPTED Meet "Biscuit". He is a male Dutch Rabbit. He is neutered and litter box trained and used to dogs too! His family had to give him up. He is here at Critters for adoption. Stop in and meet him. He was socialized and used to being with people. H

e is a super nice rabbit looking for a nice home.

Wide variety of birds from local breeders.



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