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Your rabbit's Diet

Please remember that the majority of your rabbit's diet should consist of hay.

Note: Fresh fruits and veggies can trigger diarrhea in young bunnies therefore our bunny breeder does not recommend fresh produce until 6 months of age.  She recommends lots of Timothy Hay every day with fresh rabbit pellets.


Critters In The News

Buy Cat Furniture....Please.

We get questions about this daily.  PLEASE, spend the money and buy cat posts when your cats are young.   Please remember, declawing your cat should be a last resort.  It is a very painful and really an un-necessary surgery. 

Top Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

As we all know puppies are wonderful but there are advantages to getting an adult pet too. Either one you choose, make sure you take the time to properly train your dog. It is amazing how much happier and closer you will feel to your pet.  Call us if you have questions about the dog training classes we offer with Vanessa our certified dog trainer.

Critters Pet Shop offering rescue dogs

Customers are asking. "Why do you have adult dogs?".  Critters Pet Shop is now offering rescue dogs for adoption!
Feel free to call 630-584-0200 or stop by the store to see them.  Keep watch for more to come. Thanks for your support.  


After School Enrichment


Open 7 days - Call 224-856-5780



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