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Diet Rotation - Variety is healthy

What is diet rotation?

For years it was believed that feeding your pet the same brand and formula of food at every meal was good for them. Many holistic veterinarians are now promoting the concept of diet rotation.  This involves varying a dog’s menu on a periodic basis.   The belief is there is no such thing as a perfect dog food.  Even the best food can be deficient or excessive in some way.  Too much of a specific nutrient or too little of another.  Because of this, built-in flaws tend to be magnified when the same food is fed continuously everyday for your pet’s lifetime. Sometimes even triggering allergies and sensitivities to specific food proteins!  By periodically switching food, the unhealthy consequences can be minimized.  Plus, your pet will enjoy a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake, as well as new tastes and textures for better health and happiness.

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